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Project Pitch

Behavioural Study for Food Delivery
Context // Food delivery apps are a service that brings food or grocery items to a specified location. …

An integration of B2C marketing strategies to expand supply chain opportunities


Aspects of B2B management and B2C strategies improve chances for individual growth within the supply chain. The purpose of this study was to evaluate B2C ideologies through social media platforms and B2B enterprise models within B2B management applications to analyze contrasting communication styles. The examples within the study were evaluated based-on applications within the top 1000 sites in America using Alexa’s site analytics tool to determine thoroughly developed and user-friendly products. Results from the B2B management applications determined the importance of maintaining client security in B2B processes, while social…

The Amazon Impact: the ongoing evolution and disruption of the retail market, both online and in physical outlets, resulting from increased e-commerce.

Through an interactive infographic, this project is the story of Amazon’s major points of growth in the company within the last few decades for entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts.

Amazon accounted for 4% of US retail sales and 44% of US e-commerce sales in 2017

Amazon is the…

Role: sole UX/UI Designer, Information Designer, Data Analyst // Duration: 4 months // Tools: Invision, Adobe CC // Skills: Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Print Design, Prototyping, Wireframing, Data Visualization

According to a 2018 online survey, 39% of Americans have never tried investing with 32% of them stating that it was due to the convenience that came with having their money in cash, 28% confessing their ignorance towards investing, and another 28% feeling unsure about the risks that came with it. What most young professionals do not take into account is the risk that comes with making the decision to not…

Role: sole UX/UI Designer // Duration: 4 months // Tools: Adobe XD // Skills: Product Design, Mobile Design, Competitive Research, Flowchart Mapping, Journey Mapping

The purpose of this project was to create a mobile app to queue for walk-in clinic appointments from anywhere. Having access to free healthcare through walk-in clinics is a convenient solution for new immigrants without access to a family doctor. The main limiting factors of the current walk-in clinic system I improved in this project were patient wait times and patient-to-clinic optimization.

  1. filters for nearby clinics, clinics with the…

Role: sole Researcher & Creative Director // Duration: 4 months // Tools: 3D modelling, Arduino, Adobe CC // Skills: Speculative Design, System Architecture, Interactive Mockups

Vistas is an interactive installation that tackles the issue of elderly social isolation. Its main goal is to promote community involvement and social interaction with the people in your neighbourhood. Make meaningful connections and improve overall health and wellness.


The topic that we have chosen to explore is social isolation and loneliness among seniors. Though they hold many similar traits, isolation and loneliness derive from different emotions in the brain, the former being a more physical experience of separation from others, while loneliness links more with the emotional factors of sadness due to separation. The National Seniors Council of Canada discusses social isolation as a deteriorating condition, as prolonged levels of low quantity and quality of human contact can lead to negative health conditions such as high blood pressure, obesity, and depression. Studies from the National Institute on Aging…

In light of the rising popularity of the historical drama, ‘The Crown’, this short animation previews the relationship between Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh before her coronation around the 1950s. …

The accompanying video element is to associate the emotions one feels when they are in nature to the joy and comfort they feel when they touch another being. When the hands separate, a captured moment in the video is displayed which simulates the feeling of capturing a moment in time.

The goal for this simple…

When approaching the Dlivr product, delivery services will be prompted with a message to drop-off goods on the pressure sensor platform. The weight of the object will set off a thankful response on the LCD display and trigger an alarm inside the house that will buzz a friendly tune and display an LED…

Katherine Ng

A product designer from Toronto dedicated to user experience. katng.io

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