The truth about Elderly Social Isolation


User Group

The Market

Figure 1: An infographic that demonstrates how VR can be used to collect useful data on the elderly. VR can be used to assess their emotional response to memories, interactions, and visual stimuli.

Available Technology

Figure 2: This is an image of the Paro robot in action. It responds by flapping its arms, blinking its eyes, and making audio reactions to a user’s command and physical touch. It recognizes environmental responses as well such as levels of emitting light, temperature, and motion.

User Experience

Figure 3: A birds-eye-view model of Alzheimer’s Australian Memory Garden Design. It contains circuited paths in order for caretakers to keep an eye on patients, and for patients to feel secure in not getting lost.

Current Ecosystems

Figure 4: Using services like HomeShare have shown to increase public interaction for the elderly while also improving their socialization in every-day life. It is a solution that benefits all parties involved.

Design Brief




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